Necessary to the comfort, cleanliness, and hygiene of those aiding in natural disaster relief and staying in an emergency response campsite, Service Rentals, Inc. offers the best in showering facilities including 15 head shower units and individual private shower facilites.


Everything needed for operation is provided:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Potable Water Supply
  • Grey Water Removal
  • Daily Stall Cleanings

Each mobile shower unit features multiple individual stalls for comfort and privacy, while our personnel and cleaning staff ensures the highest standard of cleanliness, reliability, and comfort.


Fully staffed, around the clock laundry services are also available to camps. Service Rental personnel will handle the laundry process from beginning to end. After dropping off your laundry at one of the mobile Laundromats, your clothes will be washed and neatly folded by the end of the shift by the staff of Service Rentals, Inc.

Other companies may provide mobile shower units, but they are often unstaffed, not well maintained, outdated, and sometimes unsanitary. Service Rentals, Inc. owns and is well experienced with all the equipment involved in the construction and operation of their emergency response camps. We're dedicated to using only the best available for the comfort and safety. Using only the most well maintained equipment will cut down on potentially disastrous problems, especially in this most vital area of camp life.

Our Mission

To provide electrical utilities with the quickest response after a major disaster and professional management to run an efficient and comfortable camp. Achieving quicker power restoration in our customer's coverage area is our goal.