Many of the long term temporary shelter needs of an industrial or construction site, especially for storage or equipment housing, can be met with one of the many top-quality quansite shelter models offered by Service Rentals, Inc.


Quonset shelter models are available from widths of 12 to 100 feet and lengths of 20 to 300 feet as well as custom heights; Service Rentals Inc can even customize your order and build your quansite structure to your specifications to better meet the needs of your site. Besides being an economical choice for long term storage, the quansite design is especially durable and is rated to withstand winds of up to 70 miles per hour.

All Quonset shelters from Service Rentals, Inc. are shipped, constructed, maintained, and disassembled by our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Only the newest and best equipment is used along every step of the operation, allowing us to guarantee that we will exceed customer expectations by 25 percent. Other companies cannot offer the same experience in both quality and service for any industrial, petrochemical, or construction site.

Our Mission

To provide electrical utilities with the quickest response after a major disaster and professional management to run an efficient and comfortable camp. Achieving quicker power restoration in our customer's coverage area is our goal.