Lunch Tents

All shelters provided by Service Rentals Inc are intended for long-term rental and, having industrial environments in mind, are strongly built with 10,000+ ratchet straps rather than rope for anchoring.

Lunch Tents

Providing the best in dining tents for on-site lunches, Service Rentals, Inc. will make sure that your company is fully satisfied with your choice of Clear Span, Frame Tent, and Pole Tent shelters. These shelters are durable and cost-effective in both construction and use.

Clear Span

These enduring shelters are rated for up to 70 mile-an-hour winds and, since they range in widths from 20 to 100 feet and length of up to 300 feet, they can provide a comfortable dining room for any size group.

Frame Tents

A great solution for on-site lunches. The tent is open and freely navigable. Ranging in widths from 10 to 40 feet and lengths from 10 to 140 feet, Frame Tents are long term rental shelters more suited for a smaller number of guests.

Pole Tents

The most cost-effective model for housing on-site lunches. Ranging in width from 30 to 60 feet and lengths from 30 to 240 feet, Pole Tents are big enough for a larger group, and are versatile enough to be quickly installed anywhere, including in grass and on asphalt.

Over 75 years of experience in providing temporary shelters for the petrochemical industry has allowed Service Rentals, Inc. to consistently exceed customer expectations by at least 25% in all that we do.

Our Mission

To provide electrical utilities with the quickest response after a major disaster and professional management to run an efficient and comfortable camp. Achieving quicker power restoration in our customer's coverage area is our goal.