Emergency Response

Service Rentals, Inc. is one of the most long-lived, solid, and reputable emergency response businesses in the field, offering the most durable top of the line equipment including Mobile Sleepers, Showers, and other necessary items.

Emergency Response

Our advantage is incorporating a turnkey, streamlined design to emergency response services. In the event of a natural disaster, Service Rentals, Inc. can quickly arrive on site with all necessary construction, power restoration, and disaster relief equipment as well as expert personnel. First providing the most durable shelters, Service Rentals, Inc. also offers all amenities needed for the site, including:

  • Mobile Sleepers
  • Mobile Showers
  • Tent Cities
  • Catering
  • Mobile Laundry Units
  • Potable Water
  • Mobile Command Centers
  • Power and HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Ice and Refreshment Supply
  • Total Camp Management
  • Fuel
  • Portable Toilets
  • Dining Halls

Unlike other companies, Service Rentals, Inc. pledges to keep their good name by not just doing what they say, but surpassing expectations by at least 25 percent. Our experience and familiarity with the process of constructing and operating an emergency response base camp is a great benefit to those who are in need of an experienced helping hand.

Our Mission

To provide electrical utilities with the quickest response after a major disaster and professional management to run an efficient and comfortable camp. Achieving quicker power restoration in our customer's coverage area is our goal.